Thursday, August 14, 2014

Say big NO to baby food

Baby food is fast and easy way to feed babies in most developed countries. We can get all kinds of fruits, vegetables, pasta, all grains, rice etc. with added vitamins, DHA for brain growth etc.
- It is made to sounds very healthy
- easy short cut for moms
- no added salt or sugar.
- added vitamins

But think twice. Look at the food package expire. Would you eat a carrot that is six months old. In fact the carrot would not even exist. By putting it in box and not exposing it to the air the food is protected. How is eating fresh fruit or vegetable compared to eating one boxed for months. Just adding vitamins to it does not make it healthy.

- It is not healthy as eating fresh fruit or vegetable.
- shortcut only lead to more doctor visits
- not adding salt, sugar, spices, herbs does not develop the taste buds
- naturally occurring vitamin are easily absorbed by the body than the supplements
- the plastic box is cancer causing and environmental waste.

Make fresh puree of fruits/ vegetables everyday. There is no short cut to parenting. If you want to raise a disease free human then take the long traditional route. Cooking everyday with fresh vegetables and grains. Give fresh fruits. It is not short cut but sure worth it.

These convenience food were created to feed our babies once in a while when we need a break. This article is written to bring awareness that boxed baby food is not "the" food for the babies.

Babies deserve real food. Not processed boxes of so called baby food.