Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dont stop Cold but stop Wheezing

The occurrence of cold infection happens more during the early childhood and gradually reduces as the child grows. It is important for the child to get these cold attacks as it helps in improving the body immunity. It is key to exposing the child early and gradually to these infections.

A normal body fights against the cold infection by producing the mucous that flushes the infection through the nose. Initially it is running nose and then the mucous thickens and by coughing the infection is pushed out of the body. The coughing is a natural decongestant mechanism and hence should not be suppressed.

However for a child suffering from childhood asthma the lungs starts over reacting to the cold infection. The respiratory airway shrinks and hence takes to the wheezing(Laboured breathing).

Every time an asthmatic child gets cold it makes the parent panic. This makes them be over protective of the child. Hence not expose to cold causing factors or by being too clean. But both these steps only worsens the symptom. The child's world is filled with infection and by not exposing the child the fun of the world is removed. By being too clean and applying hand sanitizer often the immunity decreases. Hence we should not protect them but make them gain immunity against infections.

Another point to note is that the airway inflammation can happen due to several factors at the same time. The dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, pollutants, strong odours can all add to the already existing cold or make the lungs more prone to cold.

The child should get cold but not wheez. Like I have mentioned in article " how to cure childhood asthma" the lungs should be made stronger to face this battle. This requires a whole regime of diet and life style change.
By providing food that reduces the airway inflammation and decreases the chances of wheezing on the daily basis and exercising lungs on daily basis we can prepare the body to face the infection.

So do not panic when your child gets cold but rather be prepared and confidently help your child battle the infection.

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  1. Thank you for the blog, I'm also going through similar situation with my 3yr old it's very stressful...I don't see an email to reach you :-/ Would like to get more information with your experience: I don't agree with most western medicine/approach. She's previously been prescribed up to 8 diff drugs for allergies and leading to "asthma" drugs.

  2. Hi TMari, I can understand your situation and my blog is intended to help mothers out there going through the same. I have shared every bit of my knowledge and experience in the blog. Please refer my first article "How I cured my child from childhood asthma" which will take you in the right path to cure. It's not magic, it's just change. Trust me, my situation has changed for good over a period of an year and it will change for you too.

  3. Thank you so much for writing this blog. I am more hopeful now and that's a very positive change.
    The mention of this word "wheezing" puts me into depression!

  4. I was in the same state of mind a year and a half back. Following the steps has totally got my child out of asthma. No more wheezing or asthma episodes. The first cold infection of this winter passed without any wheezing. I internally panic and pray but keep doing my part. Keep persisting on the changes you will surely overcome like me.