Monday, September 28, 2015

Good signs for Lungs

When mucus gets accumulated in lungs, it expels by coughing it out. Coughing is a good sign and it indicates that the lungs is working good. When having cold your child may continuously cough during the sleep. It is time when the lungs works and self cleans itself.  Hence suppressing the cough by giving cough suppressants is stopping the lungs from doing it function. It is better to stick to warm water and honey to soothe the cough. The dry hacking cough does not come under this category and needs to treated by the  doctor.

Running Nose
Usually an asthmatic child does not have running nose as much as a normal child. Running nose is a way to expel the mucus produced by the lungs in response to allergens. The lungs is doing this against gravity and proves it capacity. Since this factor is less in an asthmatic child, the cold gets congested in the lungs and causes wheezing. The lung power needs to improved by exercise, play, deep breathing and practices like yoga.

Sneezing as you know is the instant response to some allergens entering the lungs. It is a good sign too. It is not good to block sneezing or cover it fully. Sneezing into the elbow is good to follow.

Low grade Temperature (99 to 100)degree F
When the chest gets congested with mucus the body reacts by a low grade fever. This increase in temperature is a way of body to fight against the virus. It is not good to reduce the low grade temperature by giving fever suppressant. It would rather be good to increase the fluid intake at this time and aid the body in the fight. However when the fever increases beyond 101degree it needs to treated and consulted with doctor.

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