10 Indoor Plants that Help You Breathe Easy

English Ivy

For those who suffer from mold allergies, English Ivy is a must. It has been known to reduce the amount of mold in the air when kept as a houseplant, according to the American College of Alergy, Asthma and Immunology.
English Ivy

Garden Mum

The Garden Mum can be planted indoors in pots and is a star fighter of airborne contaminants. It helps remove such irritants as ammonia and formaldehyde, making for more breathable air in your home
Garden Mum

Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is ideal for those with a less than green thumb. It is hardy and survives well in low light, making it ideal for those who want to try their hand at gardening indoors. It slso removes carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air, acting as a natural air purifier.
Golden Pothos

Baby Rubber Plant

If you haven't got a Baby Rubber Plant in your home, perhaps it's time to get one. This vibrant green houseplant is not only beautiful to look at, it also releases high levels of oxygen and removes toxins like formaldhyde from the air.

Baby Rubber Plant

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant ranks as one of the top three plants best for removing formaldehyde from the air, according to NASA. This common household plant is easily found at garden supply centers and should be considered a must have for your home.
 Spider Plant air cleaning house plant          

Wax Begonias

The Wax Begonia is commonly found in households, planted in pots and containers. It is technically a succulent and known for its bright flowers and waxy leaves. It removes benzene from the air, a toxin found in adhesives.
 Wax Begonia air cleaning house plant          

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily can make a beautiful addition to any home and do wonders for relieving irritation and illness caused by airbourne toxins. It is particularly adept at removing benzene and acetone from the air, both of which can be found in household staples such as paint and electronics.
 Peace Lily air cleaning house plant          

Weeping Fig Ficus

The Weeping Fig is actually a tree that survives really well indoors. It's tall, majestic and can really add some drama to your interior. It is also a great natural air purifier, removing ammonia, formaldehyde and xylene from your indoor environment.
Weeping Fig Ficus

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palms rank third on NASA's list of top air purifying house plants. They do wonders for removing xylene and formadehyde from the air.
Lady Palm air cleaning house plant


 Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is known as the most effective plant for removing airbourne toxings, and removes more formaldehyde per hour then any other air purying plant.
 boston fern air cleaning house plant



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