Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Posture correction for asthma cure

The posture of neck and shoulder determines the amount of oxygen that flows to the lungs. A bad posture leads to less oxygen flow and hence poor performance of lungs and more chances of asthma.

If the posture of your child does not seem right try to correct it by asking your child to sit straight and not drop head down. Usually the posture goes wrong when they watch  TV on sofa or while playing video games and hence insist on good posture while doing so. Try to reduce the TV and video game time and encourage outside playtime. Make sure the furniture your child uses provides good posture. Another reason the posture goes wrong is when the child is sad or frustrated. Some may catch the breath when sad or angry. Try teaching deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Try to incorporate as much playtime and outside time.

Yoga, martial arts and certain dance form teaches children good posture in fun way. Physiotherapy may be used in cases where intense correction is required.

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