Thursday, December 11, 2014

Training the taste buds

Dealing with picky eater is very difficult and frustrating. Overtime it pushes us to giving whatever food child prefers. When days pass without healthy food triangle in the menu it slowly reflects in the health. Some kids are naturally good eaters while some others are not. If eating healthy food and drinking water does not come naturally it should be done through consistent training.

Few guidelines
  • Have only healthy items in your shopping list. Not having options is the best way.
  • Let your child get used to looking at healthy items in the cart and fridge consistently. It is all about registering in the brain.
  • Serve food only when hungry.
  • Don't let your child snack often.
  • If your child rejects a food it does not mean it's the end. Try offering again and again. Try altering the recipe and offer when hungry.
  • Serve vegetables without much alterations. Broccoli taste very good with butter, salt and pepper. Carrot taste good when raw.  Trial and error simple recipes.
  • Include herbs like coriander, curry leaves, rosemary etc. and spices like garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper etc. These increase the appetite, help in digestion and increases body immunity. The more you give the more the taste buds will get used to.
  • Offers fruits/vegetables/ nuts/ cheese as snack. This will reduce your stress during mealtime since they are already taken the nutrients.
  • Increase the appetite of your child. Certain fruits like lemon, orange, Apple increases the hunger. Soup also helps.
  • Water does the trick too. A glass of water first thing in the morning increases the metabolism. Offer water 30 mins before food to increase appetite.
  • Increase physical activity to increase hunger.
  • If your child refuses to eat pack it in a to go box and go for walk. Try offering outside. The outside fresh air and scenary does change their mind.
  • Training your child to eat soup will help on the sick days. Training your child certain food that would be available in the restaurants to reduce your stress on eating outside days.
  • Talk about food. Some kids like to hear stories about how an orange helped a small boy to fight cold or how beans help you grow tall etc.
  • Be a role model. When your child sees you and your spouse eat certain food they get natural inclination.
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How do I avoid wheezing when my child catches bad cold?

What do I do when my child catches the worst cold so that it does not escalate to wheezing?

Step 1) Vacuum/Clean the bedroom and living room and keep very less things in these areas. Wash the sheets and blankets. I do not use any powerful cleaners.
Why? Dust is the main culprit for asthmatic. We spend most time in the bedroom and living room when sick.

Step 2) Go to the grocery shop to get fresh vegetables and fruits. The fresher the more nutrients.
Why? Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients to reduce the inflamation of lungs and overall. It is important to keep giving small quantities of food to help body fight against infection, reduce inflamation, avoid vomiting and dehydration.

Step 3) Keep humidifier clean and ready. Warm mist during cold weather and cool mist during hot days.
Why? Humidifier helps in relaxing the tubes in the lungs and sleep better. It plays a vital role in cutting down night time wheezing.

Step 4) I keep ready good entertainment CDs/Programs.

Step 5) Prepare food based on the severity of the cold. Warm soup is always the first on the list. Refer the article "Diet during tough days" for more info.

Step 6) Give my child Warm bath (when no fever)
Helps in relaxing the body and loosens mucous in the chest.

Step 7) Take my child outside for sun and fresh air(not during fever)

Step 8) Keep giving warm water all through out the day. I ask my child to finish the full cup of water.

Even when I am the most prepared there are times when things get out of control when the sickness involves fever and vomiting. In that case I stick to the hydration in any form as the key and let the worst days pass. I have tried few over the counter homeopathic "cold and mucous" syrups which says that it loosens the mucous. I does help to some extent.

I hope this article helps. Good luck with your little ones.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are you prepared for the winter?

Pomegranate is so in season and it will not stay for long. Don't miss this opportunity. There is reason why nature provides certain fruits at certain time. It for being prepared for winter. The same with oranges and Apple's. Give these fruits everyday and keep your child immune high to fight any battle. And these amazing fruits keep wheezing at check.

Give wide range of seasonal vegetables and greens either boiled, seasoned or in soup. Use spices like coriander, pepper, ginger, garlic which all helps in increasing the immune system.

Mornings are dull and sun goes down by 4 pm. Hence hit the outside in the afternoon to get the sun. Every bit counts.

Get lot of indoor physical activities to keep your child active and breathing.

Good luck Moms! Let's be prepared for this brave winter battle.

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Spread these words around to stop another mother see her child suffer from the condition.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eczema cure through natural oil bath and food

Oil bath is an old traditional ayurvedic method of taking bath and usually done twice weekly. It involves applying warm natural oil all over the body allowing it to get absorbed by the body for a span of 15 min to 30 mins and washing it off using herbs or flour preparation. The oil bath allows the body to retain oil on the skin and cools the body. Both these benefits the person with eczema.

Natural oil like coconut oil, sesame oil, mustard oil, olive oil have the nutrients to cure eczema and can be used to take oil bath. The flour of the natural grains like gram, oatmeal   have the power to heal eczema. The flour can be mixed with milk and a pinch of turmeric(antibacterial). The flour should just wash the dirt off but not strip moisture. Please apply the flour preparation gently on the skin and wash it off with rubbing.

Usually eczema flare up in the night time as our body's anti-inflammatory property is less at this time. The best test if the oil bath is working for child is prepare the child's body during day time with twice oil bath and maintaining a healthy diet through the day. If the child sleep through the night without itching and eczema flaring up then you are going in the right direction. This would work only for that day and you will have to follow this everyday to keep eczema on check. The frequency of oil bath can be reduced as time progresses and your child outgrows eczema.

The challenge is to find which oil and flour will suit your child. So first test the oil on child's skin in small portion and leave it for 15 mins to see the reaction.  Wash it off with the flour preparation. If the skin feel soft and moist and does not have any rashes then it should be fine. My child is fine with coconut and sesame oil but allergic to extra virgin olive oil. And I use green mong flour with milk and turmeric to wash off.

Few tips to begin with
- If possible use the organic option.
- Always warm the oil before applying. Warming up kills any germs in the oil and when slightly warm oil is applied to the skin it will get absorbed better.
- While warming the oil it can be infused with herbs like garlic which has good properties for skin care. But don't try this before knowing what suits your child.
- gently massage the oil over the skin to help absorption and blood circulation.
- Body oil bath can be done twice daily while head bath needs to be done every 3 to 4 day once.
- Oil bath should ideally be given on empty stomach.
- apply moisturizer after bath to maintain an extra level of oil.
- Please do not give oil bath when your child is sick or has fever.
- if your child has cold or susceptible to frequent cold the frequency of oil bath should be reduced.
- avoid using mineral oil and soap. Mineral oil does not provide any benefit to skin and soap strips the moisture.

Gut is another reason for eczema flaring up. Giving lots of fruits, veges, whole grain, probiotic yogurt all helps in maintaining a toxin free balanced gut.
Avoid anything artificial additives and processed food in your child's diet. Give home cooked( slow cooked) food. Also avoid pesticides, harsh detergents, frequent antibacterial hand wash, cleaners etc.

The important point to note is to keep following these day in and day out until the body outgrowns the eczema. Usually the eczema lessens as the child grows unless there is a constant trigger for it flare up. Hence the oil bath becomes a life style routine rather than a day's fix.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Eczema and the Asthma connection

Eczema is over reactive skin disease.
Asthma is over reactive lung disease.
These lines should teach you the connection between the two. Both are caused by a defect in a person's gene. This genetic condition can cause over reaction of any organ to some foreign body. The foreign body doesn't have be really harmful( it can be as simple as detergent or dust) but it some how gives a red flag to the body and makes the specific organ to over react. The most affected organs are the skin and the lungs.

Eczema hits babies as young as a month old. But not all parents are well informed about the connection it has with asthma and how dangerous asthma can be if it hits hard.
Hence this article is to teach parents with newborns having eczema  to be well prepared for the next step Asthma. The Asthma can hit a child as young as 1 year old eventhough the worst hit is at 3 when the child starts going to preschool when they get the most cold attacks.  Asthma and eczema can surface at any point during the person's lifetime due to some trigger if the body is not prepared to fight.

Both these conditions are handled by hospital with steroids which help in suppressing the skin or lungs from over reacting. It is very effective medicine but has several serious side effects. Also these medicines only cut the symptoms but does not cure the cause.

The good news is both can be prevented and cured in the nature's way. Once you know that your child has eczema you can prepare your child's body to escape from the several wheezing episodes your child might have in the future.
All it takes is good diet and life style discipline. Please read more about how to prevent and cure asthma in my older post.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Answer to Asthma

The answer to childhood asthma is very simple. "Nature". Yes nature can cure asthma by following the below blindfolded day in and day out. Your child will be out of asthma in no time.
Please note that these steps need to followed everyday lifelong and hence will become your lifestyle. The benefit of following these steps are you would avoid the unnecessary medications and complications of getting asthma.

Naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins
3 servings of Fruits/day - Apple, pomegranates, kiwi, banana,  melons, berries etc.
3 servings of veges/day - broccoli, cauliflower, beans, sweetpotato, avocado, greens etc.
Soaked nuts, sprouted seeds and well cooked grains
2 cups of milk and 1 cup home made yogurt
Herbs and spices
Asthma is due to lack of vitamins and antioxidants. Strengthen the immune by loading your body with food high on antioxidants and vitamins.

Keep giving water ( at least 1 cup) after wakeup, 30 mins before food, 1 hour after food throughout the day and before going to bed
Asthma is triggered by drought in the body. Flood it with water.

Get at least 1 hour of physical activities like dance gymnastics or anything that involves breathing and exercising
Weak lung is prone to frequent attack. Strengthen it with exercise.

Get at least an hour of sunshine. And keep house well ventilated.
Lack of vitamin D increases asthma risk. Get sunshine and fresh air.

Artificial flavor, color, preservatives, soda, sugary juice, processed/overcooked food Pollution, mold, dustmite
Too much use of Hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap
Toxins, pesticides, detergents, cleaning products
Intake of anything artificial against nature increases asthma attacks. Avoid it.
Minimize allergens.

Asthma is caused due to inflammation of the tubes in the lungs. All the above listed steps have anti inflammatory effects. By following them everyday you can keep asthma at check.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Say big NO to baby food

Baby food is fast and easy way to feed babies in most developed countries. We can get all kinds of fruits, vegetables, pasta, all grains, rice etc. with added vitamins, DHA for brain growth etc.
- It is made to sounds very healthy
- easy short cut for moms
- no added salt or sugar.
- added vitamins

But think twice. Look at the food package expire. Would you eat a carrot that is six months old. In fact the carrot would not even exist. By putting it in box and not exposing it to the air the food is protected. How is eating fresh fruit or vegetable compared to eating one boxed for months. Just adding vitamins to it does not make it healthy.

- It is not healthy as eating fresh fruit or vegetable.
- shortcut only lead to more doctor visits
- not adding salt, sugar, spices, herbs does not develop the taste buds
- naturally occurring vitamin are easily absorbed by the body than the supplements
- the plastic box is cancer causing and environmental waste.

Make fresh puree of fruits/ vegetables everyday. There is no short cut to parenting. If you want to raise a disease free human then take the long traditional route. Cooking everyday with fresh vegetables and grains. Give fresh fruits. It is not short cut but sure worth it.

These convenience food were created to feed our babies once in a while when we need a break. This article is written to bring awareness that boxed baby food is not "the" food for the babies.

Babies deserve real food. Not processed boxes of so called baby food.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Go natural Breakfast

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. It is eaten after several hours of fasting by the body. During sleep the body sheds its toxins and recovers from stress of the day. The body waits for the breakfast to restart the day with energy. Especially for the kids the breakfast needs to be given with great care. The kids are very active from wakeup to noon. Hence it is essential to provide good nutrition to stay physically and mentally active and grow.

But breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day due to lack of time, hurry in getting ready or just laziness. The most common mistakes are

  • Skipping breakfast - because the body is deprived of nutrition and makes it hard to work effectively.
  • Eating processed food like cereals etc - even though processed food makes itself sound healthy it loses all its natural nutrient while processing and add on artificial vitamin supplements are just a eye wash.
  • Not eating wholesome meal - Realizing the body needs and feeding a wholesome meal makes the body function well and recover

The best breakfast should natural and packed with lots of nutrients to fulfill the body needs. Each body has different needs. Like say an asthmatic body needs certain vitamins and antioxidants to recharge the lungs and immune system. A body that is obese needs food that cuts down body fat and a thin body needs fat to build the muscles. So based on the need eating a wholesome breakfast will help to fulfill your body requirement.
Preparing a wholesome breakfast according to your tradition and place is great and demands lot of effort. But if you do not have time to do so please do not go for processed food rather follow the below tips.

  • Some Vegetables and fruits provide wholesome nutrition and are filling too. Steamed sweet potatoes, potatoes make a healthy filling for kids. You can pair it with orange which helps in absorption by the body. It helps in boosting the immunity.
  • Banana is filled with tons of nutrients and provides lot of energy. It helps in gaining weight when paired with full fat milk.
  • Avacadoes are filled with healthy fat and vitamin E and has regenerative property on lungs. Club with citrus fruits for absorption. 
  • Sprouts are high protein source. Soak the lentil the previous morning and remove the water and leave it outside overnight for the lentil to sprout. It's packet with nutrition. Top it with yogurt and spices and salt to make it filling and tasty.
  • Oats porridge with fruits like blueberry, strawberry makes a great breakfast.
  • Boiled eggs/ Omelette makes healthy breakfast. Club it citrus fruits like lemon juice/ orange/ grapefruit which helps with absorption.
  • Millets are great way to start the day. It can be made porridge or pancakes. Any grains, Millets, nuts need to soaked overnight, sprouted(if possible) and fermented to make it easy for absorption and to get maximum benefit.
  • Milk or yogurt makes a great add on to the breakfast providing calcium and vitamin D.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cooking time matters

Vegetables are excellent sources of nutrition. It has to be cooked in a proper way for specific amount of time to get the maximum nutrients from it. When overcooked it tends to lose its nutrients and are of no use to our body. When certain vegetables are clubbed together the nutrition can be easily absorbed by the body.

Get the maximum benefit of each vegetable by following the cooking time guideline

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dont stop Cold but stop Wheezing

The occurrence of cold infection happens more during the early childhood and gradually reduces as the child grows. It is important for the child to get these cold attacks as it helps in improving the body immunity. It is key to exposing the child early and gradually to these infections.

A normal body fights against the cold infection by producing the mucous that flushes the infection through the nose. Initially it is running nose and then the mucous thickens and by coughing the infection is pushed out of the body. The coughing is a natural decongestant mechanism and hence should not be suppressed.

However for a child suffering from childhood asthma the lungs starts over reacting to the cold infection. The respiratory airway shrinks and hence takes to the wheezing(Laboured breathing).

Every time an asthmatic child gets cold it makes the parent panic. This makes them be over protective of the child. Hence not expose to cold causing factors or by being too clean. But both these steps only worsens the symptom. The child's world is filled with infection and by not exposing the child the fun of the world is removed. By being too clean and applying hand sanitizer often the immunity decreases. Hence we should not protect them but make them gain immunity against infections.

Another point to note is that the airway inflammation can happen due to several factors at the same time. The dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, pollutants, strong odours can all add to the already existing cold or make the lungs more prone to cold.

The child should get cold but not wheez. Like I have mentioned in article " how to cure childhood asthma" the lungs should be made stronger to face this battle. This requires a whole regime of diet and life style change.
By providing food that reduces the airway inflammation and decreases the chances of wheezing on the daily basis and exercising lungs on daily basis we can prepare the body to face the infection.

So do not panic when your child gets cold but rather be prepared and confidently help your child battle the infection.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Man made climate change

Erratic weather conditions all over the world. Forest fires, fierce tornadoes, extreme hot conditions, drought, flood, storms, variable hot and cold weather, depletion of ozone layer, melting of glaciers. Man made climate change is real. And it making the weather more fierce towards life. Humans have the power to protect himself and other life in his habitat from the fierce weather. But several lives are claimed in other habitats. Even though human realize this he still continues with the man made climate change which will eventually bring in several disease and claim human lives.

Production of plastic is one huge mistake by human. A mistake bigger than the discovery of  atom bomb. The over production and usage of plastics is done even in the most forward countries for the sake of convenience. The present convenience is what is going to destroy our future generation. Diseases like cancer are mainly due to the plastic which are claiming several lives on a day today basis.

Giant companies which manufactures soda, chips and other processed food are not only causing diseases through its junk food but also polluting the environment by the usage of plastic. Recently there was a news of a whale which died and found offshore. 800 plastic bags were present in its stomach. See what kind of disaster we are doing to the environment. Every plastic bag that we dispose in the environment is affecting some life. The world will be a better place if these companies stop the production of the food that is of no use to human life and concentrate on clearing the plastic junk they have made all over the world. It would be even more awesome if they can plant trees and produce wonderful fruits and vegetables and hence detoxify the earth and lives. All this will happen only if we all stop consuming the soda, chips, processed and junk food.

The grocery shops and shopping malls offer plastic bags in abundance for the sake of our convenience and we readily accept it without thinking about earth. If we think for a moment before accepting it and say 'No thanks' we are taking one step in saving our earth.

Same is the case with the laundry detergents, dish liquids and other cleaning supplies. All these reach the earth and come back to us through water and other food sources.

There was once a time when a radio/ tv would be used for a life time of a person. But now cell phones, tv, computers are being upgraded every few years for the sake of new features. This produces enormous electronic junk which does not get properly recycled. This is big hazard to human life.

How many of us really put the plastic, papers, cardboard in the recycle bin. All it takes is little effort to separate bits of recycle items from the non recyclables and dump it accordingly.

Let us all work in reversing the man made climate change by

  • Stop using plastic bags and other unnecessary plastic items.
  • Very minimum usage of cleaning supplies.
  • Less usage of antibacterial soaps and sanitizer.
  • Plant trees and garden.
  • Less usage of electricity and water.
  • Avoid unnecessary electronic upgrade/purchase.
  • Recycle and Reuse

To my blog readers

This article has a connection to childhood asthma. There is a saying 'what we sow is what we reap'. What we do to our mother earth in turn affects our child and several other lives.  Hence please help in taking care of this beautiful earth for our children and generations to come. Please do not hesitate to provide your valuable inputs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best diet for the First Five years

The first five years of a child's life is the foundation for the physical and mental health and the diet during this period is crucial especially if your child is prone to health concerns. The child knows only what the parents shows and follows. It is good to follow certain guidelines during this period and stick to a strict discipline. Below is a guideline for a vegetarian diet. 
  • 5  or more servings of Fruits and Veges. They contain lots of micronutrients and antioxidants for the body.
  • 2 or more servings of Dairy. Better if vitamin D fortified. Dairy in the form of milk, yogurt/curd(homemade if possible), cheese. Vitamin D and calcium play a vital role in strengthening the bones and overall.
  • 99.9% of the time go for whole grains. 
  • Good Protein Sources like Lentils and Egg
  • Nuts are packet with protein and nutrients and make a great snack
  • Herbs and Spices. Here is a trick, the more you include a herb or spice the more your child is going to like it. It's like training the taste bud.
  • Best drinks for kids are Milk and water. Homemade fresh squeezed fruit juices are good. Avoid any store brought sugary drinks, soda and juice from concentrate.
  • DHA and Probiotic supplements. Vitamin D supplement for the first two years.
Please note: the above guideline is for vegetarian diet. Non vegetarian food like meat and seafood possess excellent nutrients. If you are non vegetarian please add the above guidelines to your diet to get benefit. It is all about eating natural food and avoiding artificial stuff.

How to make your child love good food.

  • The key to making your child like good food is to show them only good food. "What we show is what they know".
  • Simple looking food appeal kids better than the complicated ones. "Simple and less" is the magic. Offer more on demand.
  • Kids with sweet tooth naturally like fruits. Fruits are nature's candies. They will appreciate natural taste unless they are exposed to man made sweet treats. It is good to stay away from chocolates, sugary drinks and other sweets as much as possible until age 5.
  • Vegetable when given in simple form will be appreciated by kids. Just adding some butter, salt and pepper will add good taste to Veges like broccoli, cauliflower. Some taste good when raw nd some go well will little seasoning or dip. Do trials to test your child's likes. Please keep in mind that the more you train the taste buds the more they will get used to and like it.
  • Talk to your child about food. If they love stories then tell your own stories of how Spiderman drinks two cups of milk everyday to stay strong. How fairies loves to eat fruits. How beautiful/ handsome they will become if they eat fruits, vegetables. They can become tall if they drink water. The more you talk the more they will get used to eating good food
  • Involve them in picking fruits/veges from grocery store and in making some simple recipes. Get them familiarize with food and it is the natural part of everyday life.
  • Avoid distraction eating like watching tv, computer or playing games while eating. Self eating is the best practices.
  • Fruits like orange, lemon and Apple increases you child's appetite. Giving a cup of water 30 mins before food will also make them more hungry.
  • Water guidelines. Give a cup water after wakeup, 30 mins before food, 1 hour after food throughout the day, before going to bed and finally take a bottle when going out for a walk or any physical activity and don't miss an opportunity when your child shows signs of thirst.
  • Some kids love to drink water from sippy cup while others just takes few sips and stays without water for long tine. In that case use only open cup. Fill it with water and tell your child that he has to finish it fully.

To my blog readers

Please do not hesitate to provide your inputs and write some fun ways you encourage your child to eat good food that will motivate all moms.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diet during tough days

When the child suffers with wheezing it is hard to feed anything. But it is very vital to keep putting good calories in small amounts to keep body nourished, hydrated, to prevent vomiting and recover soon.
The food that we feed should fall in one of the category to help the body fight and recover
  • Food that reduces the inflammation. Avacadoe, Broccoli, cauliflower, onions, cherries, berries, herbs like rosemary, oregano, sage, garlic are a few to list that reduces airway inflammation.
  • Food that provides the essential nutrients that prevents and alleviates asthma symptoms. Vitamin B6, C, E, quercetin, Carotenoids, Rosmarinic acid, Omega 3, magnesium, potassium.
  • Food that keeps the body hydrated. Asthma can aggravate due to lack of hydration in the body. Hence it is essential to keep it fully hydrated.
Avoid the following food type
  • Watch out for dairy and egg.
  • Reduce salt and sugar intake
  • Cut back on omega 6
  • Avoid food additives and preservatives.
  • Avoid processed and over cooked food. Both lack in natural and essential nutrients required by the body to heal

Mild wheezing

  • Avocados with salt and pepper.
  • Steamed veges like sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccolli, carrots, spinach, kale, beans, beetroot etc.
  • Home made Soups: tomatoes soup, corn soup, vegetable soup, clear vege soup, lentil soup, chinese clear soup with tofu
  • Fruits blueberries, nectarines, pomegranates etc.
  • Rice, bread, oats
  • Herbal Tea (latte or plain)
  • Dairy in moderate quantity is fine
  • Include onion, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, pepper in soups and tea. Keep in moderation. Too much can hurt child's tummy.
  • Also include herbs like basil, rosemary, sage etc
  • Keep sugar and salt to minimum.
  • Avoid mucous producing food.

Severe wheezing

  • Clear soups with vegetables
  • Give rice, oats, bread in small quantity if your child can tolerate.
  • Fruits
  • Avoid dairy and other mucous producing food.
  • Include ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, clove, pepper in soups and tea. Keep in moderation. Too much can hurt child's tummy.
  • Also include herbs like basil, rosemary, sage etc
  • Keep sugar and salt to minimum.

Do not force food. If the child vomits continuously give fluids in very small quantities at regular interval instead of large quantities.

To my blog readers

If this blog has helped you do let me know.  Also your tips on what food you give to help your child during illness are welcome.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

why having allergies and asthma has benefits

  1. It made me take control of what my child eats.  What we expose our child to is what they know. Show them only real nature food and they will only ask for that.
  2. It made me cut the processed and junk food from my child's diet. The shops are filled with junks in fancy packages talking about whole grains and health. Healthy food doesn't come in packages. They come from mother earth. They taste good without much alterations. 
  3. It made me put restrictions on what others gave my child and stop if they gave junk. This involves friends, family, school and the whole world out there. It is hard to say no by we have to do for the sake of our child's health.
  4. It made me involve my child in play, walking, dance and other activities. It is easy to get caught in a lonely world. But a child's life needs lots and lots of activities for healthy body and brain development.
  5. It made me bring in life style changes.
  6. It made my child enjoy chocolates, fries etc once in a while rather than over indulging.
  7. It made me show my child lots and lots of love.
  8. The changes I made gave me peace of mind instead of constantly worrying about my child's health.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The best gift I can give my child is Mother Earth(1 person less polluted)

We love our children so much we are ready to buy anything and do anything for them. We want to give the best for our child.  But are we really giving the best if we spoil the place they will live. Yes our earth.

My vows
  1. No grocery plastic bags in my shopping carts.
  2. Use steel water bottles instead of plastic esp for children.
  3. Minimum usage of antibacterial hand soap and sanitizers and not being a germophobic.
  4. Less water consumption.
  5. Less dryer usage.
  6. Optimal usage of detergents.
  7. Less power consumption
  8. Recycle

"Let everyday be an earth day"

How many of you agree to this and would like to join in taking these vows? For every person who joins we can have an earth 1 person less polluted.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Guide for asthma moms to be

The title of this post sounds weird..there can be doctor to be, engineer to be or mom to be..asthma mom to be isn't good.. but if you don't want to be one this article is a read for you..and I wish I had read a one like this before going through it. I did not know what childhood asthma is until I saw my child suffering from it. So everything was new to me. I went through sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, frustration in the process of understanding. And trust me no one could tell me a right working solution to this problem except few sources

"Prevention is better than cure"
Yes childhood asthma can be prevented or at least the impact can be kept to minimum by following certain guidelines.

The chances for a child to get childhood asthma are
- asthma/allergies running in mom or dad or in family history
- under nourished / nutrient deprived child
- emotional disturbances in the family (like having a sibling, frequent quarrel between parents, death in family, divorce etc..)
- constant lack of water in the body

Few basic parenting mistakes that can also increase the chances of asthma
- being a clean freak. Using hand sanitizer weakness the body immunity. It also kills our bodies good bacteria.
- not exposing child to illness during first three years. When they are suddenly exposed to preschool their body suffers to fight against infection.
- giving processed, junk food or over cooked food.
- lack of hydration

Childhood eczema by itself is eye awakening to having asthma in the future

First five years of Childhood is very important in terms of physical and mental foundation. During these years the child has the susceptibility to get childhood asthma. The guide to prevention of childhood asthma is to keep the body fully prepared for the fight by providing the right nutrition and keeping the child fully active.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How I cured my child from childhood asthma

Asthma means overreactive lung disease. You would have heard this from your doctor. The regular treatment is to suppress the lungs from over reacting through steroids and use of bronchodilators. These treatments are life saving but have several side effects. And I did not want to continue these on my child. I kept reading several articles regarding asthma and how it can be cured through natural remedies. And something made me feel it is possible. The main target is to make lungs stronger day by day to face the battle and win.

What to do to make the lungs strong and face the battle?
  1. By providing essential nutrients to the lungs through natural(real)food
  2. By exercising the lungs through proper techniques
  3. Provide emotional support to lungs. Do you know that lungs respond to emotions. Yes it's true.
  4. Exposing lungs to immunity building factors and not exposing lungs to certain factors. The Do's and the Don't's.
How to do the above mentioned steps?
  1. Food habit change
  2. Life style change
  3. Strict discipline and consistent effort
  4. Patience

Things to know

Cause of excess mucous in the lungs
- not drinking enough water.
- eating mucous producing food. Oily food, dairy, fast food, Chocolates, ice creams are real culprits
- eating cold food / drinks
- allergens dust, mold, pollen, pet dander etc
- heat in the body
- weak immunity
- cold weather conditions i.e the winter months can make things severe
- and when the body is fighting against any type of infection.

Food habit changes

I started to include asthma curing food ie fruits, vegetables,whole grain,nuts and other that contains essential nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins for the lungs to cure, regenerate and become strong. These are called the Superfood.
I referred few reliable websites and some age old books to get the information. I also asked some grandmother's and mothers for techniques.
When i started including these in my childs diet it took solid 6 months for the body to respond and change. But the change was for good. Since then my child did not get wheezing when having cold. I am really suprised.

Essential Nutrients:
Vitamins B, C, E , Quercetin, lycopene, Rosmarenic acid, Omega 3 fat, Carotenoids, Magnesium and Potassium

Pomegranate, Apple, Banana, Kiwi, blueberry, papaya, orange, lemon, Melons

Last winter I kept giving pomegranate and Apple almost everyday to my child for nearly 3 months. Pomegranates are called superfood for a reason. Even its seeds play a role in good health. I saw a huge change in my child's health. Other fruits mentioned above have benefits too. I try to include atleast 3 to 5 serving of fruits each day.

Avocados, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Onions, Tomatoes, carrot, cauliflower, beans, spinach, Beetroot

Avocados and sweet potatoes are my child's breakfast at least 3 times a week. Avocado has regenerative properties. That is it can regenerate vital organ like lungs.
Beetroot has amazing properties and it can be included at least twice a week.

Ginger, Garlic, Rosemary, Mint, tumeric
I add ginger and garlic to almost 2 dishes everyday especially when she gets cold. Turmeric is another ingredient that goes on my soup and several other dishes.

Sunflower seeds, soybeans, walnuts

Oats, Millets

Dairy and egg:
Dairy provides vitamin D and calcium for the body and helps building strong bones.
Egg contains several nutrients for kids.
But please make sure if your child is not allergic to it.

This is my golden website that gave me the faith
Read it and you will understand the food that is required with the base reasons of how it helps.
I stick to unprocessed, home cooked(not over cooked), no preservative, no artificial color, less salt, less sugar food for 95% of the time. The remaining 5% like eating out in restaurants, parties etc doesn't bother me.

Life style changes

- Swimming(in moderation) benefits the lungs. It expands the lungs and makes it stronger. Only thing to worry about is the amount of chlorine in the pool as chlorine is not good for lungs. Hence swimming in moderation is advisable. Like once or twice a week. It did help my child.
- Walking/Jogging. While walking, jogging, running we inhale and exhale air and hence strengthen the lungs. Atleast an hour of outside time is good preferably morning hours.
- Dancing and lots and lots of play
- Singing, Wind instruments
-Yoga is taught everywhere. Teaching yoga helps to improve lung function and overall health.
-Teach your child to blow nose. Everyday during bath make your child blow nose at least 5 time each side. This is more like pranayama(breathing technique in yoga).
- Exposing to sun at least 15 to 30 minutes everyday.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do keep your house dust free. Most kids who develop wheezing have dust allergy. First and foremost is to keep the bedroom clean since we spend more than 12 hours here. Bedroom should contain only bed to sleep. Remove any other items and keep the room spacious and breathable. Wash thé blankets atleast once a week and keep it dust free.
  • Do keep your house well ventilated through the day. The gas stoves and other household  electrical devices emits dangerous gases that worsens asthma. By not having enough ventilation in the house these gases keep circulating in house. So it is always important to have the fan running while cooking and keeping the windows open for fresh air to come in.
  • Don't be too clean freak in terms of washing hands and moping floors often. By constantly doing so we reduce the immunity of the body to fight against infection. Minimize the use of hand sanitizers and even antibacterial soap. Hand sanitizer are the worst culprit since it can get into our body. The best to wash hands in soap and water before food.

Few promising tips

  • Give the superfood first thing in the morning
  • I recently read an article that said "asthma is drought management system" by the body. That is when body doesn't have sufficient water the lungs starts producing excess mucous to protect itself. How to prevent this? "Don't let it dry but flood the system" Flood the human body with water by drinking lots of water, by using humidifier during dry days, talking tub bath for at least 15 mins, doing netipot, using saline nose sprays, eating lots of fruits that contains water and so on. I do these when my child suffers from cold. And it puts a full stop to wheezing.
  • During normal days, Splashing Water on the face/giving head bath just pouring water on the head. Even if the child cries its okay. This helps in increasing the lung capacity. Taking bath first thing in the morning. These two tips were given by my great grandmother.
  • Make your child drink lot of water. Kids are very playful and forget to drink water. Make it a routine to give at least 6-8 cups of water at various points of the day.
  • Do not give any ice cold food from fridge, big no to ice creams and soda. Cold food constricts the lungs and hence makes things worse. Not many agree to this concept. But this is true.
  • Cold weather conditions- the winter months can make the asthma severe and the recovery late. The key is to work through the other months and keep the body ready for the battle.
  • Not being too clean. The body should be able to fight against infection by itself.
  • Don't be afraid to expose your child to other sick children(suffering from common cold,cough fever) by doing so the child immunity improves.
  • Give emotional support. Love your child a lot. Anger, yelling, beating will not help. Hug and kiss a lot. And enjoy each moment of life with your child.
  • Avoid using plastic containers, plastic water bottles, disposable plates, cups, spoons for your child.
  • Give probiotics and DHA
  • Avoid any processed food for your child. In the step of processing the natural nutrient of the food is lost. Even though vitamins are added to it to make it look like healthy, it is still not the naturally occurring nutrients.  
  • Avoid overcooking food. We tend to overcook food for sake of taste or in hurry or negligent cooking. When we over cook the naturally occurring nutrients are lost and hence feeding this to our child makes them nutrition deprived. It is good to follow cook time guideline for each vegetable.

To my blog readers

Please pass on the blog to other parents and help heal kids with asthma.



I have done the above mentioned changes to my child( 4 year old) and seen positive results. Each child is different. Children with food allergies need to be taken care based on their condition. Also this article does not deal with exercise induced asthma and other conditions. Please take only the steps that will suit your child. Please understand that I am a mom not a doctor. All the information written above are knowledge acquired by reading resources like websites, books etc.