Monday, June 9, 2014

Man made climate change

Erratic weather conditions all over the world. Forest fires, fierce tornadoes, extreme hot conditions, drought, flood, storms, variable hot and cold weather, depletion of ozone layer, melting of glaciers. Man made climate change is real. And it making the weather more fierce towards life. Humans have the power to protect himself and other life in his habitat from the fierce weather. But several lives are claimed in other habitats. Even though human realize this he still continues with the man made climate change which will eventually bring in several disease and claim human lives.

Production of plastic is one huge mistake by human. A mistake bigger than the discovery of  atom bomb. The over production and usage of plastics is done even in the most forward countries for the sake of convenience. The present convenience is what is going to destroy our future generation. Diseases like cancer are mainly due to the plastic which are claiming several lives on a day today basis.

Giant companies which manufactures soda, chips and other processed food are not only causing diseases through its junk food but also polluting the environment by the usage of plastic. Recently there was a news of a whale which died and found offshore. 800 plastic bags were present in its stomach. See what kind of disaster we are doing to the environment. Every plastic bag that we dispose in the environment is affecting some life. The world will be a better place if these companies stop the production of the food that is of no use to human life and concentrate on clearing the plastic junk they have made all over the world. It would be even more awesome if they can plant trees and produce wonderful fruits and vegetables and hence detoxify the earth and lives. All this will happen only if we all stop consuming the soda, chips, processed and junk food.

The grocery shops and shopping malls offer plastic bags in abundance for the sake of our convenience and we readily accept it without thinking about earth. If we think for a moment before accepting it and say 'No thanks' we are taking one step in saving our earth.

Same is the case with the laundry detergents, dish liquids and other cleaning supplies. All these reach the earth and come back to us through water and other food sources.

There was once a time when a radio/ tv would be used for a life time of a person. But now cell phones, tv, computers are being upgraded every few years for the sake of new features. This produces enormous electronic junk which does not get properly recycled. This is big hazard to human life.

How many of us really put the plastic, papers, cardboard in the recycle bin. All it takes is little effort to separate bits of recycle items from the non recyclables and dump it accordingly.

Let us all work in reversing the man made climate change by

  • Stop using plastic bags and other unnecessary plastic items.
  • Very minimum usage of cleaning supplies.
  • Less usage of antibacterial soaps and sanitizer.
  • Plant trees and garden.
  • Less usage of electricity and water.
  • Avoid unnecessary electronic upgrade/purchase.
  • Recycle and Reuse

To my blog readers

This article has a connection to childhood asthma. There is a saying 'what we sow is what we reap'. What we do to our mother earth in turn affects our child and several other lives.  Hence please help in taking care of this beautiful earth for our children and generations to come. Please do not hesitate to provide your valuable inputs.

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