Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is childhood asthma a lifelong condition?

When my child was 2 1/2 asthma hit really hard. There were wheezing episodes every month. My child was such a bad eater and I did not have the parental control to make my child like food. I was scared of everything. I was trying to avoid friends with cold, shopping mall with dust, going to school and used hand sanitizer like a freak. And I thought I was doing the right thing.

The frequency of the episodes made the doctors prescribe maintenance steroids. The doctor also mentioned that Asthma can be a life long condition and has to be kept at check by maintenance inhaler. Giving a drug everyday 365 days made me panic. The side effects of the drugs were really bad. Trembling, going out of control, nervousness are a few to mention.

Just the fear of giving maintenance steroid made me educate myself about Asthma. Thanks to the few sources that took me in the proper direction. All these changes kicked in my parental instinct and made me take charge of my kid and Asthma. Once I started the nature way of cure, the condition was totally gone. At 5 now my child catches cold every now and then. However only during worst cold days the wheezing seem to come but does not last. This makes me wonder what if I had not done the diet and the life style changes and stuck to what doctor said. What if I dint have the time to analyze all these and keep giving maintenance drugs and permanently branded my child asthmatic.

Just as how taking frequent antibiotics reduces the power of the immune system the frequent Inhalers reduces the lungs capacity to self heal. All it needs is the proper nutrition and life style changes to the body for the lungs to regenerate and self heal.

I am writing this article because some mother out there can be doing this mistake and a proper education is required to make us understand that Asthma is not life long condition and can be put to check by natures way. 

If your child starts showing symptoms of Asthma immediately make diet and life style changes to prevent it and from making your child a life long victim

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