Thursday, January 21, 2016

Power of blowing

Is your child have hard time blowing the mucus out of nose? Here are some tricks to help
- practice blowing nose on daily basis. Do it during bath time. Practice makes perfect
- teach deep breathing techniques at home. Deep breathing relaxes the body and helps conquer fear
- if possible attend yoga classes
- practice blowing ballons
- play some simple games like blowing birthday candles or blowing feather using nose
- swimming helps in holding breath and hence increases the lung capacity. It will eventually help with blowing nose

Why is blowing nose very important ?
- it increases the capacity of the lungs
- it helps in blowing away the mucus in the lungs and hence clearing congestion
- it helps with coughing and opening up the tubes in the lungs
- eventually it will help lungs in pushing the mucus out by itself

A child that experts in blowing nose will outgrow asthma in no time. So practice the power of blowing.

To my blog readers
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Spread these words around to stop another mother see her child suffer from the condition.

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