Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Eczema and the Asthma connection

Eczema is over reactive skin disease.
Asthma is over reactive lung disease.
These lines should teach you the connection between the two. Both are caused by a defect in a person's gene. This genetic condition can cause over reaction of any organ to some foreign body. The foreign body doesn't have be really harmful( it can be as simple as detergent or dust) but it some how gives a red flag to the body and makes the specific organ to over react. The most affected organs are the skin and the lungs.

Eczema hits babies as young as a month old. But not all parents are well informed about the connection it has with asthma and how dangerous asthma can be if it hits hard.
Hence this article is to teach parents with newborns having eczema  to be well prepared for the next step Asthma. The Asthma can hit a child as young as 1 year old eventhough the worst hit is at 3 when the child starts going to preschool when they get the most cold attacks.  Asthma and eczema can surface at any point during the person's lifetime due to some trigger if the body is not prepared to fight.

Both these conditions are handled by hospital with steroids which help in suppressing the skin or lungs from over reacting. It is very effective medicine but has several serious side effects. Also these medicines only cut the symptoms but does not cure the cause.

The good news is both can be prevented and cured in the nature's way. Once you know that your child has eczema you can prepare your child's body to escape from the several wheezing episodes your child might have in the future.
All it takes is good diet and life style discipline. Please read more about how to prevent and cure asthma in my older post.

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