Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are you prepared for the winter?

Pomegranate is so in season and it will not stay for long. Don't miss this opportunity. There is reason why nature provides certain fruits at certain time. It for being prepared for winter. The same with oranges and Apple's. Give these fruits everyday and keep your child immune high to fight any battle. And these amazing fruits keep wheezing at check.

Give wide range of seasonal vegetables and greens either boiled, seasoned or in soup. Use spices like coriander, pepper, ginger, garlic which all helps in increasing the immune system.

Mornings are dull and sun goes down by 4 pm. Hence hit the outside in the afternoon to get the sun. Every bit counts.

Get lot of indoor physical activities to keep your child active and breathing.

Good luck Moms! Let's be prepared for this brave winter battle.

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Spread these words around to stop another mother see her child suffer from the condition.

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