Thursday, December 11, 2014

How do I avoid wheezing when my child catches bad cold?

What do I do when my child catches the worst cold so that it does not escalate to wheezing?

Step 1) Vacuum/Clean the bedroom and living room and keep very less things in these areas. Wash the sheets and blankets. I do not use any powerful cleaners.
Why? Dust is the main culprit for asthmatic. We spend most time in the bedroom and living room when sick.

Step 2) Go to the grocery shop to get fresh vegetables and fruits. The fresher the more nutrients.
Why? Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients to reduce the inflamation of lungs and overall. It is important to keep giving small quantities of food to help body fight against infection, reduce inflamation, avoid vomiting and dehydration.

Step 3) Keep humidifier clean and ready. Warm mist during cold weather and cool mist during hot days.
Why? Humidifier helps in relaxing the tubes in the lungs and sleep better. It plays a vital role in cutting down night time wheezing.

Step 4) I keep ready good entertainment CDs/Programs.

Step 5) Prepare food based on the severity of the cold. Warm soup is always the first on the list. Refer the article "Diet during tough days" for more info.

Step 6) Give my child Warm bath (when no fever)
Helps in relaxing the body and loosens mucous in the chest.

Step 7) Take my child outside for sun and fresh air(not during fever)

Step 8) Keep giving warm water all through out the day. I ask my child to finish the full cup of water.

Even when I am the most prepared there are times when things get out of control when the sickness involves fever and vomiting. In that case I stick to the hydration in any form as the key and let the worst days pass. I have tried few over the counter homeopathic "cold and mucous" syrups which says that it loosens the mucous. I does help to some extent.

I hope this article helps. Good luck with your little ones.

To my blog readers
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Spread these words around to stop another mother see her child suffer from the condition.

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