Friday, May 2, 2014

A Guide for asthma moms to be

The title of this post sounds weird..there can be doctor to be, engineer to be or mom to be..asthma mom to be isn't good.. but if you don't want to be one this article is a read for you..and I wish I had read a one like this before going through it. I did not know what childhood asthma is until I saw my child suffering from it. So everything was new to me. I went through sleepless nights, depression, anxiety, frustration in the process of understanding. And trust me no one could tell me a right working solution to this problem except few sources

"Prevention is better than cure"
Yes childhood asthma can be prevented or at least the impact can be kept to minimum by following certain guidelines.

The chances for a child to get childhood asthma are
- asthma/allergies running in mom or dad or in family history
- under nourished / nutrient deprived child
- emotional disturbances in the family (like having a sibling, frequent quarrel between parents, death in family, divorce etc..)
- constant lack of water in the body

Few basic parenting mistakes that can also increase the chances of asthma
- being a clean freak. Using hand sanitizer weakness the body immunity. It also kills our bodies good bacteria.
- not exposing child to illness during first three years. When they are suddenly exposed to preschool their body suffers to fight against infection.
- giving processed, junk food or over cooked food.
- lack of hydration

Childhood eczema by itself is eye awakening to having asthma in the future

First five years of Childhood is very important in terms of physical and mental foundation. During these years the child has the susceptibility to get childhood asthma. The guide to prevention of childhood asthma is to keep the body fully prepared for the fight by providing the right nutrition and keeping the child fully active.

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