Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The best gift I can give my child is Mother Earth(1 person less polluted)

We love our children so much we are ready to buy anything and do anything for them. We want to give the best for our child.  But are we really giving the best if we spoil the place they will live. Yes our earth.

My vows
  1. No grocery plastic bags in my shopping carts.
  2. Use steel water bottles instead of plastic esp for children.
  3. Minimum usage of antibacterial hand soap and sanitizers and not being a germophobic.
  4. Less water consumption.
  5. Less dryer usage.
  6. Optimal usage of detergents.
  7. Less power consumption
  8. Recycle

"Let everyday be an earth day"

How many of you agree to this and would like to join in taking these vows? For every person who joins we can have an earth 1 person less polluted.

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