Saturday, May 17, 2014

why having allergies and asthma has benefits

  1. It made me take control of what my child eats.  What we expose our child to is what they know. Show them only real nature food and they will only ask for that.
  2. It made me cut the processed and junk food from my child's diet. The shops are filled with junks in fancy packages talking about whole grains and health. Healthy food doesn't come in packages. They come from mother earth. They taste good without much alterations. 
  3. It made me put restrictions on what others gave my child and stop if they gave junk. This involves friends, family, school and the whole world out there. It is hard to say no by we have to do for the sake of our child's health.
  4. It made me involve my child in play, walking, dance and other activities. It is easy to get caught in a lonely world. But a child's life needs lots and lots of activities for healthy body and brain development.
  5. It made me bring in life style changes.
  6. It made my child enjoy chocolates, fries etc once in a while rather than over indulging.
  7. It made me show my child lots and lots of love.
  8. The changes I made gave me peace of mind instead of constantly worrying about my child's health.

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